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Low Academic achievement combined with the moral decline of our society is a recipe for disaster towards the future of our children and our communities.  It is time to take a proactive role by selecting educational options that will facilitate a personalized learning experience with strong morals, values, and character edification; we can eradicate the negative trends that are deteriorating our: families, cities, states; nation and largely our world. 

As a father of children with learning challenges, (Genesis, Sabrina, & Gabriel= Gensaga) Alberto Altamiranda felt stripped of the dream that his children will have a successful adult life. He understands why many parents are fed up with traditional schools failing to educate their children in academics and character development. Out of this desperate personal experience in combination with 20 years in education mentoring and guiding students, the vision of Gensaga Pathway Academy was born. GPA offers your child a personalized educational experience with value-centered character development grounded in Biblical truths. In addition, your child will be guided to discover their unique talents and skills as they embark in a journey towards a meaningful career pathway. They will have a plan of action that will help navigate their post-secondary decisions and goals, picture a high school graduate with a clearly defined purpose. Gensaga Pathway Academy is a place where your child belongs.

Gensaga Pathway Academy serves culturally and academically diverse students through remarkable personalized learning that guides them towards a meaningful and productive adult life. 

The secret sauce is their 3-Steps to Success

Character Development

Academic Achievement

Career Pathway

Contact Gensaga Pathway Academy to discover how together we can transform the hearts and minds of the future generation, because….every child deserves the opportunity to make a positive impact in this world, and parents peace of mind about their child’s future.

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Because every child deserves the opportunity to make a positive impact in this world, and parents….peace of mind about their child’s future.